Some comments from nonprofit employees about consultations and workshops. Many of these are drawn from post-course evaluations:

“Barry Seltser is an extraordinary and gifted trainer and coach for nonprofits on the development and implementation of meaningful outcome measures. The North Shore United Way requires Barry’s annual training for all grantees on a myriad of measurement tools from developing clear outcome measures tied to program goals, to survey development, and how to integrate client narratives within the evaluation reports. Barry understands nonprofit culture and staffing realities, offering consultation hours beyond the training modules to meet the realities of organizations. Hire Barry!”  –Margo Casey, Executive Director, North Shore United Way (Beverly, Massachusetts)

“Barry’s work with the Elizabeth Stone House has been transformative. He led the creation of our theory of change implementation plan, and he has continued to assist us as we have used the plan the guide our work. He has provided invaluable expertise as we strive to provide more effective service, create a culture of continuous improvement, and use data to measure our success. He has made us a stronger organization.”   –Nancy Hess, Executive Director, The Elizabeth Stone House (Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts)

“Barry’s expertise in evaluation comes with many years of experience that is worth its weight in gold. He keeps evaluation easy to understand, while integrating theory and applying frameworks in a client-friendly way. He worked with our board, helped design an outcome survey for our grant initiatives, and trained our member network. Each of these services was customized. If you’re looking for an evaluation consultant who will listen to your needs and be thoughtful about helping you meet them, without overwhelming you with the science, Barry is the best. Our members raved about his training.” –Peg Sallade, Coordinator, North Shore Community Health Network (Wakefield, Massachusetts)

“Clear handouts make it easy to go back and teach others how to do this. Barry is an engaging instructor!”

“The discussion parts were excellent. I learned so much today.”

“The presentation could have been longer. So much excellent information and insight!”

“Too many [positives] to list, but what was most helpful was the presenter’s ability to foster ideas and adapt to the level of questions and the expertise in the room. Great handouts. I’m walking away with some new ideas and tools on how to collect and present information.”

“I feel the overall presentation helped me. Starting with my new position as Evaluation and Impact Director, it was a great way to start looking at things and planning.”

“Very helpful. Barry is a dynamic, interesting presenter.”

“We find a lot of these types of things not too helpful. This was the exact opposite–clearly presented, relevant, thought provoking, educational–helpful and excellent in every way!”

“This was excellent, so clear and easy to follow–will be easier to focus on developing outcomes, especially with the use of handouts.”

“Strong knowledge of subject matter; always had good examples and real life examples to illustrate point; Barry was dynamic and really involved the group in discussion.”

“Barry has a great Educational philosophy–practical, rational, and grounded in the reality of the field.”

“I anticipate using the program handouts often in the future as my agency is looking for grant funding as a vehicle to fund program development.”

“Clear, concise ‘hands-on’ for on the ground application.”

“This really was a great, interactive and informative presentation. Thank you!”

“I anticipate implementing the techniques presented in this workshop will help strengthen my agency’s relationship with grantors and fellow collaborators.”

“The different ways to collect data for outcomes is extremely helpful. The handouts are great!”

“[Best part of the workshop:] Barry’s mastery of the subject and his ability to engage the audience.”

“Reducing what is often presented in high falutin’ terms to realistic practical easy to understand terminology.”

“The discussion of how to develop surveys and think about measuring results when you don’t have obvious things to count, but have more subjective results, will help us broaden our evaluation and learn more about the impact of our programs.”

“All of it was useful, because it gave me different options for evaluation, which helped me to focus in on what tools will be best to use for our organization.”

“All was very relevant and comprehensive. Presenter was excellent and very comprehensive and thorough.”

“I think the topic was well covered and I appreciated the fact that Mr. Seltser focused on what the audience was most interested in and the real challenges faced by those present.”

“I really want to effectively measure our business outcome–this gives me the tools to start the process–Hurray!!”

“I thought it was excellent! Presenter was engaging and excited about topic which make presentation all the more memorable.”