Struggling to identify your organization’s goals and desired outcomes?

Having trouble figuring out how to evaluate whether your nonprofit is making a difference?

Unable to combine concern for your employees and colleagues with the increased pressure to demonstrate results?

Looking for a reasonable way to train your fellow employees in how to design and conduct evaluations of your program?

I can help.

Based on my 30 years of experience in evaluation, teaching, government service, and the nonprofit sector, I can provide tailored and reasonably priced consultations and workshops on a wide variety of topics. I have helped dozens of nonprofit and government organizations figure out how to evaluate their programs, and to develop the key skills and tools to carry out this difficult and important work. As funders and other key stakeholders increasingly expect organizations to “make a difference,” I am committed to working with you to help identify relevant and feasible outcomes for your organization, and to learn together how to measure and report on those outcomes. For more information, see the other parts of this website.

You can contact me at barry.seltser@comcast.net or (301) 565-0830.